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Definition of insure in English. 1 Arrange for compensation in the event of damage to or loss of property or injury to or the death of someone in exchange for regular payments to a company or to the state. the table should be insured for 2500. the company had insured itself against a fall of the dollar. no object businesses can insure against exchange rate fluctuations. There is imposed upon the employer an obligation to insure against loss or damage by all these perils in quite general terms.
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The Cabinet Papers 1915-1982 National Health Insurance Act 1911. The National Archives 2013. Retrieved 30 June 2013. Gilbert British social policy 1914-1939 1970. To Insure or Not to Insure An Insurance Puzzle. The Geneva Papers on Risk and Insurance Theory. This discussion is adapted from Mehr and Camack Principles of Insurance 6th edition 1976 pp 34 37. Hall Casualty Insurance Fourth Edition 1968 page 35. However bankruptcy of the insured with a reimbursement policy does not relieve the insurer. Certain types of insurance e.g workers compensation and personal automobile liability are subject to statutory requirements that injured parties have direct access to coverage.
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There is considerable overlap between the meaning and use of insure and ensure. In both British and American English the primary meaning of insure is the commercial sense of providing financial compensation in the event of damage to something e.g. property ensure is not used at all in this sense. For the more general senses ensure is the more usual word but insure is also sometimes used particularly in American English for example. Bail is posted to insure that the defendant appears for trial.
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insure in American English. us / nr /. insure verb MAKE CERTAIN. also ensure to make something certain or to be certain about something. that clause Because of the importance of the game we wanted to insure that it would be televised. T We had reporters check to insure the accuracy of the story. T to protect yourself or your property against damage or loss by making regular payments to a company that will pay for the damage or loss if it happens. Weve insured our house for 100000.
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Jump to navigation search. Recorded since about 1440 as a variant of Middle English ensuren from Anglo-Norman enseurer itself from en make Old French seür sure probably influenced by Old French asseürer to assure took on its particular sense of make safe against loss by payment of premiums in 1635 replacing assure. Received Pronunciation IPA key /n/ /n/. General American IPA key /n/. Rhymes in some dialects. insure third-person singular simple present insures present participle insuring simple past and past participle insured.
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Based on the Random House Dictionary Random House Inc. Examples from the Web for insure Expand. And you'd face some truly epic problems getting insure rs to insure it in the way that I think the author is envisioning. Should People Be Forced to Buy Liability Insurance for their Guns? Megan McArdle December 27 2012. And the FDIC was created to insure deposits against banks using them as chips on a dangerous speculative betting table. Bring Back That Wall! Nomi Prins December 15 2009. Expand S-Chip coverage to insure more kids for a modest 5 million? How Kathleen Sebelius Got Lucky Burdett Loomis March 3 2009.
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The night-rounds to see that all is right and to insure regularity and order. In all cases ignition should be to constant weight so as to insure complete decomposition of carbonates.
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to provide insurance for something such as property or health also to provide someone with insurance. to make something sure certain or safe. INSURE Defined for Kids. Definition of insure for Students. 1 to give or get insurance on or for I insured my car. 2 to make certain I want to insure your safety. Legal Definition of insure. to assure against a loss by a contingent event on certain stipulated conditions or at a given rate of premium give take or procure insurance on or for. to contract to give insurance underwrite also to procure or effect insurance.

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