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Short term car insurance. Short term car insurance. We don't offer short term car insurance comparison here are some companies 1 offering quotes 2. Temporary car insurance cover for motorists aged 17-75 subject to conditions. Companies offer lots of different policies so shop around for one that suits your needs. Read our guide for more on the things to consider when searching for temporary cover. Short term car insurance. Tempcover compares flexible and comprehensive short term car insurance policies from well-known UK insurers for 18-75 year olds 17 for learners.
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Temporary Insurance for Cars Vans. From 1 day to 1 month. Age 19 to 75. Temporary Learner Driver Insurance. From 2 hours to 5 months. Age 17 to 75. Great value only pay for the cover you need. Policies underwritten by Aviva the UKs largest insurer. Refunds now available subject to cancellation fee. Wide acceptance criteria we cover most drivers and vehicles.
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Whether youre borrowing your friends car for the weekend or borrowing a van to move house our temporary insurance policies offer a flexible solution for short term cover. Cover from 1 28 days. Flexible cover when you need it. Short-term car insurance is designed for customers who require cover from one to 28 days and is available for cars vans and motorhomes. It is ideal if you need temporary cover on a friend's car or if you want to take a test drive in a new vehicle. We also offer temporary cover for learner drivers allowing them the flexibility to gain experience behind the wheel at home.
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Don't have an account? Or click one of the links below. Ask us a question. Short term car insurance. Short term car insurance. Cover your car for short periods of time perfect for new cars or for weekend breaks. Our Short term car insurance can be a cheaper and more convenient way of providing temporary cover from 1 to 28 days. Plus it comes with a host of benefits in fact having Temporary car insurance can give you the same coverage as regular motor insurance. Why choose short term car insurance? Competitive daily rates for just a day or up to 28 days. Get instant cover when you need it.
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Go Back SEARCH QUOTES. Do you want to make sure you are getting the best value temporary car insurance cover? To save you time trawling around different short term insurance websites we have gathered a selection of the best options available for you to compare. With a selection of temporary motor insurance alternatives laid out in front of you including policy details and cover levels you can select your preferred option and proceed to that independent website to commence cover. Our temporary car and van products have their own independent websites and are backed by different insurance companies. We Search You Save! Comprehensive Cover from 1 28 Days. For Drivers Aged 17 75. Insure Yourself on a Different Car.
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How to insure your business. How to claim on your landlord insurance. Short term car insurance. Compare short term car insurance. Car insurance policies normally last for a year which is not helpful or cost effective if you only want cover on a temporary basis. Compare short-term policies of varying length for details of their cover. More from car insurance. For 17 year olds. Not on comparison websites. Third party fire theft. Show me featured products first.
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Instant cover from 1 to 28 days. For when you're lending borrowing or buying a car. How does short-term car insurance work? Short-term car insurance is ideal for. Instant cover from 1 to 28 days without putting the no-claims bonus at risk. Lending a car to a friend colleague or relative. Borrowing a car from a friend colleague or relative. Immediate drive-away insurance if you've just bought a car. Unaccompanied vehicle demonstrations or use of courtesy cars. Who's eligible for short-term car insurance? Drivers aged between 18 and 75.
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Retrieve a Quote My account. My cars for sale. Log in Create account. Temporary insurance for cars. Find short term car insurance quickly easily. No.1 for car savings. No one offers drivers more opportunities to save on their car. Search for expert help Search. Please enter a search term. How do I get temporary car insurance? How to add a driver to your policy. Can I drive someone elses car? Car insurance policy types. What is temporary car insurance? Fully comprehensive cover for cars from 1 day up to 28 days.

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