Auto Insurance Fraud

Auto Insurance Fraud
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The majority of people that have access to insurance are law-abiding citizens and follow the law to the best of one’s ability. With this said, in every society, there will always be people who cannot help breaking the law. It cannot be determined if these people suffer from a form of mental illness, or they generally enjoy defying the rules established by society. Since insurance has existed, there have been various crimes that involve defrauding those who are legally insured. At this time, when many businesses are being hacked, insurance companies need to do a better job of protecting the information of clients. For those that live in Orlando, FL, it is not uncommon for a vast majority to have business insurance Orlando FL. Those who have access to business insurance are not immune from being victims of fraud, and this recently occurred in Philadelphia.

Holmesburg Insurance Fraud

Since this is a fresh case, the details are still being reported by major media outlets across the country. As it stands, a Holmesburg business has been charged with defrauding 30 individuals with a total ransom of $300,000. While these three individuals received multiple charges, the main cost involved insurance fraud. These individuals were in the business of filing insurance claims for homeowners who received damages to properties and were looking to obtain relief. Unfortunately, 30 unsuspecting people were defrauded since this business took more money than they were initially allotted. When the average person takes out an insurance policy, they are expecting for everything to run smoothly. However, some individuals take advantage of people’s kindness and at times, naivety. If you or someone you know has been a victim of insurance fraud, it is best to reach out to the authorities immediately. This will ensure that the fraudulent party is removed from society readily.

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