Motoden Offers Full Motorcycle Training

Motoden Offers Full Motorcycle Training
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Signing yourself up for Full motorcyle training is something that requires a certain amount of consideration. You are definitely going to want to think about how long the course takes, what the modules are comprised of and how expensive your bike license is going to be. While most other training facilities will clamp down on you with a license fee of up to £800 and a fast track course that does not allow for any flexibility at all, we at the Motoden work a little differently. We allow our clients to complete their motorcycle training on a “pay-as-you-go” basis, enabling them to continue with their lives instead of requiring them to place everything else on hold.

Our full motorcycle training course begins with Compulsory Basic Training (CBT), just the same as any other training facility. You will pay a registration fee of £130 during the week or £140 on a weekend day. This fee will cover everything required for you to complete the training module. Be aware that CBT training will require a full day of your undivided attention. Try to remember the following points for your CBT:

You will need basic knowledge of how to operate a motorcycle
Both parts of a UK license are required to complete CBT (paper counterpart and photo card)
It is best to do your CBT on a geared bike (this will enable you to ride either automatic or geared later on)

The next step in your full motorcycle training is to book a theory test at your nearest DSA centre. Visit the DSA website ( in order to make the booking process a little easier. The best way to prepare yourself for the test would be to search for mock tests online. There are several websites that offer free practice tests. The more you do, the less likely you are to face any hiccups when you take the official exam.

Once you have completed your theory test and CBT training, you can book yourself in for 2 days of motorcycle training at Motoden. Training will cost you £300. You will have three main options to choose from. It will obviously make the most sense to choose the type of training that will suit your travel needs in the near future. The three available training options are:

A1 license
– automatic 125cc scooter
– minimum age of 17
– restricted to a 125cc scooter only
– able to carry passengers
– can remove �â�€�œL plates�â�€�

Staged Access
– 125cc geared motorbike
– if you pass the test at age 17 you can progress to 400cc at 19 years and 600cc at 21 years
– limited to whichever test you have most recently completed
– able to carry passengers
– can remove �â�€�œL plates�â�€�

Direct Access
– must be 24 years or older
– can take 600cc test directly
– will be able to ride any motorcycle of your choice

Once you have completed training for the any of the above-mentioned training options, you can discuss with your trainer whether you are ready to take your module 1 test. After spending 2 days with your trainer, he or she will be able to tell you where your head is at.

The module 1 test comes at a cost of £15 and contains an off-road element with swerves and an emergency stop. If you are completing the test on a smaller bike, you will be able to drive yourself to the testing centre. If, however, you are doing the test on a larger bike you will need to hitch a ride with your instructor. Once you have completed the first module you can decide whether you feel comfortable progressing straight to module 2 or whether you would like to sign up for some more training. The entire process will take around half a day and cost £100.

The module 2 test will cost £75 and is has a more œold school approach. You will take to the open road on your bike where an examiner will observe your skills. You will be told where to go via intercom and the process will take about 40 minutes. As with the module 1 test, you will need to travel with a trainer if you are doing the test on a large bike but are more than welcome to travel alone if your bike is a 125cc. The fee is the same as the module 1 test and will also require half a day.

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