Saving Money During a Divorce May Cost You More

Saving Money During a Divorce May Cost You More
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Getting a divorce is an unpleasant prospect. Aside from the breakup, there are legal actions that must be taken to make the entire thing legal. Florida has a self-service legal system that provides paperwork and general instructions to get a self-represented party involved in the process. However, is something like divorce worth taking on yourself? If your spouse hires an attorney, you may find yourself in hot water legally and financially. Trying to save money during the process by avoiding help from a professional may come back to haunt you.

Legal Writing Is Not Easy To Fake

Ever read a legal document and struggle to understand what it’s about? Legal documents are written with a specialized form of writing that includes terms that people don’t necessarily understand. When you try and represent yourself to the court, you do so with the knowledge that you will not get special treatment in family law hernando county fl court. You are expected to produce documents and serve them according to rules, including interpreting the other side’s filings.

Deadlines Do Not Get Extended

As you proceed, you will notice that each document you receive has a deadline. These timeframes are usually given in days, such as “five business dates from the date you receive this,” or “20 days from receipt of the notice.” Miscalculating due dates may nullify your filings and thwart your case.

Court Personnel Are Not Representing You

While the clerks at the court may help you locate forms and tabulate service and filing fees, but they will not give you direction or guidance. Clerks are not permitted to provide legal advice as they are not licensed attorneys. Therefore, believing you will ask someone at the courthouse for help will get you nowhere.

Saving money, especially during a divorce is critical. However, doing so at the onset of a proceeding is not going to guarantee you save anything. If you don’t hire a family lawyer, you may find yourself taken to the cleaners by your ex.

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