What to Do Before Driving Long Distances in a New Car

What to Do Before Driving Long Distances in a New Car
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Taking a road trip in a new car is a fun way to celebrate and take a vacation. Follow these steps before you leave so that you do not have any unpleasant surprises that ruin your trip.

Understand Your Car’s Systems

Know how to use the functions in your car that you may not need on a daily basis. For example, locate the button that activates your hazard lights and practice applying and removing the parking brake. Know how far a tank of gas will get you and how the mileage changes based on if you are in the city or on a highway. Thanks to gas station construction, it is usually fairly easy to find a place to refuel. However, sometimes stations are many miles apart. Look at your route before the trip and plan any stops you will need to make.

Keep Track of Your Insurance Information

Place a copy of your vehicle’s insurance somewhere safe inside your car, such as the glove compartment. Know how to get roadside assistance if you need it and what services you might have to pay for out of pocket. Many insurance companies have apps for their customers. Check with yours to find the easiest way to access help so that you do not panic in an emergency.

Entertainment Options

Depending on what year your car was manufactured, it may have different entertainment options. Do not bring your CDs if your car only has a function to connect to your phone. Likewise, do not assume that your car can play music on your phone when it actually only has a CD player. If you have passengers in the backseat and a DVD player, consider if you want to bring DVDs to help the trip go more quickly for them.

Familiarize yourself with your new car before you take any major trips. You will be able to enjoy your drive without any apprehensions about what will happen if something goes wrong.

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